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Trout Cribbage Board

Image of Trout Cribbage Board


Trout Cribbage Board

This is a Trout Cribbage Board. My featured board is Oak Wood and it comes with wood pegs. There is a removable peg tin to store the pegs. The peg tin is held in place with a small magnet. I can create boards using other woods such as Ash, Aspen, Cedar, Aromatic Cedar, Pine, Butternut, and Maple (all priced at $20.00). Walnut and Cherry are also available at $22.00 each. I normally maintain my inventory with Oak boards so orders can be filled on a timely basis. There may be additional lead time for the other boards. If you are interested in this Cribbage Board, you can e-mail me for additional images and/or specific details.

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